Ten most beautiful solitaire settings for ruby engagement rings

Published: 04th May 2011
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The magnificent red-rich rubies make beautiful rings. And, therefore are the most preferred gems for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. The design, ring settings, and size and shape of the rubies for each of these memorable occasions are selected keeping in view the specific celebration. The rings for weddings are more elaborate than the ones for engagements whereas anniversary rings are completely individual choice as after spending precious years with your partner the choices become very personal.

For engagements, rings crafted in solitaire settings are elegant and impressive. The exquisiteness that a single well-shaped vibrant red ruby reflects in a ring is unmatched. Ruby rings set in simple and classic solitaire style is a timeless fashion statement. A selection of ten best solitaire settings for engagement rings with ruby as the central stone has been presented here.

Ruby four prong solitaire ring, tapered cathedral setting and ridged contour setting are few simple settings for ruby engagement rings which posses an understated royal elegance. The shape of the ruby for this setting may be selected according to one’s preference. From regular oval and round ruby to unique emerald and marquise cut ruby, these simple solitaire settings accentuate these ruby stones. For someone who likes subtlety and fineness, these non-fussy solitaire settings are the most suitable ruby engagement rings. One may decide the size of the centre ruby according to one’s comfort level.

For a touch of intricacy and exquisiteness choose one of the following settings; antique solitaire setting, ridged top solitaire setting, cross ridged solitaire setting and ruby four prong knife-edged solitaire. Each setting is uniquely distinct and these designs for ruby ring settings may be changed a little with the basic ring setting intact for some other variations. A ruby ring with any of these solitaire settings makes a splendid ruby ring and assures admiration on that special day of your life. The ridges designed on these solitaire settings may be made thin or sharp or deep as per one’s choice.

Solitaire snake setting and settings with any nicely cut ruby set in white and yellow gold metal overlapping are visually opulent and liked by a select few. Apart from the ruby, the metal too reflects splendor and shine because of the two metals crafted together; an ideal choice for light colored engagement dress.

For truly spectacular solitaire ruby rings browse for designer rings offered by good jewelers. Or design your own solitaire ruby engagement rings with expertise and resources from reputed jewelers.

Besides these ten beautiful selections of solitaire settings for ruby rings for engagements, one may explore other choices on the net and find the best one for the memorable day

Author Bio: The author is an expert on gemstone rings for special occasions. Here he introduces ten best solitaire settings for ruby engagement rings and ruby rings.

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