Emerald Rings – some important tips

Published: 05th May 2010
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Emerald rings are very precious and like any other valuable piece of jewelry; you have to be very careful with them. Here is a look at some tips for buying, cleaning and taking care of emerald rings:

Buying Emerald Rings

• As soon you have the rings in your hands you should ask if the emerald has been treated. You should know it beforehand as it will help you to decide the right way to care for your jewelry.

• You have to check the color too. The emeralds in the rings should have a pure green color. If the gemstones have a yellow or blue hue, it is definitely of a lesser quality.

• Also, check the emerald for inclusions. Try and find a gemstone with fewer inclusions as the higher amount of inclusions will lend the emerald with a cloudy appearance.

• Also see what sort of a cut the emeralds have. The cut affects the overall price of the emerald. A good cut boasts of a set of proportionate facets.

• You also have to find out the place of origin of the emerald rings. Emeralds originating from Brazil, Columbia Nigeria and Zambia.

Cleaning the Emerald Rings

• When you start the cleaning process, first polish the emerald rings with a soft cloth to remove all sorts of dirt particles and oil build ups.

• You should clean your emerald rings in a bowl filled with water and a mild soap based detergent. Always scrub the rings properly using a jewelry brush or toothbrush.

• After cleaning the emerald rings, you should rinse them in clean lukewarm water. After rinsing, the rings should be submerged in clean water.

• Dry the jewelry off with a clean and soft towel.

• Professional cleaning is very important to keep the jewels in the right shape. Make sure that you take the rings to a jewelry shop on a regular basis for cleaning.

Taking Care of the Emerald Rings

• It is important to take care of the emerald rings, the right way. This is because even a little carelessness can do a lot of harm.

• It has to be seen that the rings should not be worn while doing some heavy work.

• Also, whenever you remove your rings make sure that you clean the oil and dirt off of them.

• Always store the emerald rings, the right way to make sure that they do not sustain any damage. Keep them away from moisture. Also, make sure that they are not stored with some other jewelry items so they are not scratched.

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